Smart Home Tech For Insurance companies

Oops – you beat us to the punch!

Although this page is still under construction, here’s some general info about how Smart Devices are changing the face of residential homeowner’s insurance:

The largest claim-related expenses for residential insurers are related to leaks and furnace problems. What better way to reduce those expenses than to reduce the number or magnitude of such claims in the first place? 

Using Smart Leak Sensors wirelessly connected to Smart Water Main Shut-off Valves, when leaks do occur, the impact can be significantly reduced by turning off the source of additional water. Additionally, proper people can be notified in real time to promptly react and reduce the extent of the problem.

Using Smart Filter Monitoring technology, homeowners can be alerted when their furnace filter is nearing a clogged state so they can replace the filter when actually needed. A clogged air filter causes Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems to run longer to keep temperatures consistent. This can, and frequently does, lead to motor burnout and a risk of fire. By replacing furnace filters in a timely fashion, the risk of fire or motor burnout is significantly reduced, further reducing claims-related expenses.

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