About Us

Vibrant Smart Home

There are plenty of companies offering Smart products for the home. They all seem to offer “easy DIY installation.” Have you ever tried to successfully install these devices and integrate them properly with each other?

Yeah – we thought so…that’s why we’re here

For Smart product manufacturers trying to increase penetration, for B2B companies such as Insurance or Solar companies hoping to influence Homeowner behavior, or for Homeowners simply trying to “Smartify” their homes, Vibrant Smart Home is THE ONLY COMPANY DEDICATED to the last 5 yards of the Smart Home equation – IN the home. We offer affordable reliable and consistent Smart Home consultation, installation, integration, education, and monitoring. View our Packages 

Operating throughout Western states and growing rapidly, Vibrant Smart Home is product agnostic and provides, installs and supports a wide variety of Smart products, including Smart thermostats, remote leak detection and control, Smart security, motion-detection and camera devices, Smart doorbells and locks, Smart lighting systems, Wi-fi enabled sprinkler control systems and a host of other Smart Home products — all designed to “Smartify” the home, allowing homeowners to feel safer, enjoy greater convenience, and achieve financial savings NOW — all while positively impacting the environment and updating their homes.

We Specialize In


Our trained and insured installers are top notch. Product knowledge and customer support is their specialty. They arrive on time, work efficiently and when they’re finished your home looks great and is fully operational.


Let’s face it, Smart Home technology can be confusing or daunting – or both! After your install, we won’t leave until you have been properly trained in the use of your new technology. We also provide access to full product training videos, easily accessible from your phone.


Although our technology is intended to be easy to use and worry-free, we remain involved as long as we need to be. If there are any problems with products we’ve installed (or with your understanding of how to use them) – we’re there.