Smart Home Automation…
without the hassle

Homes come in different shapes and sizes, just like your lifestyle. This is why our budget-friendly Smart Home automation services are customized to fit your life.



Vibrant Smart Home enables you to control your home from anywhere. We create a smart home tailored to your lifestyle. This cutting-edge technology is not only convenient but can also save you money on your utility bills. We offer home automation at an affordable price using brands you trust with prompt, courteous, clean, and honest installation you can rely on.


Smart systems make your life easier by following through with your preset home preferences automatically. Abide by watering restrictions, invite friends and family to control devices, connect to your system via WiFi and Bluetooth, enjoy hands-free control, see push notifications for specific events, and smile knowing you’ve got things under control without lifting a finger.


From the time your installer arrives to the time you run your system on your own, your smart home is all about convenience. With three ways to control your smart products—voice, mobile, and manual—and the ability to set your own custom schedule, you are in complete control anywhere you are.


Our professional installers can turn your home into a Vibrant smart home in about an hour and a half. Prompt and efficient, they give you a half hour window of when they’ll arrive, ensure everything works before leaving, and take you through a comprehensive walk-through so you know exactly how your system works. And with fully insured and licensed installers, we can offer you complete peace of mind.


Rest assured that your new system will help you conserve resources, money, and the environment. Sprinkler controls are EPA certified and save an average of 35% on your irrigation costs; our Energy Star-qualified Smart Thermostats save you an average of 10% on your heating and cooling costs; and LED light bulbs have longer life spans (averaging 15 years) and are up to 85% more efficient than standard light bulbs.


The most intuitive and best priced all-in-one Smart Home automation packages on the market. We install everything you’ll need, connect it all properly through your Wi-fi and smart phone, and educate you in its proper use so you can start using your Smart Home right away.




Lower utility costs with a few Smart Home devices

Utility Savings: More Than 20%
Home Safety: N/A
Voice Compatible: Yes
Remote Entry: None
Rental Friendly: Basic

Starting small has
never been this smart

Utility Savings: Up to 20%
Home Safety: Basic
Voice Compatible: Yes
Remote Entry: Basic
Rental Friendly: Intermediate

Smart devices to increase
the safety of your home

Utility Savings: Minimal
Home Safety: Advanced
Voice Compatible: Yes
Remote Entry: Advanced
Rental Friendly: Intermediate

Smart devices to automate your entire home

Utility Savings: More Than 20%
Home Safety: Intermediate
Voice Compatible: Yes
Remote Entry: Advanced
Rental Friendly: Advanced


Let us help you achieve your Smart Home dreams, by building the best package to fit your lifestyle.

*terms and conditions
*These are estimated payment amounts based on an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 7.99% financed over 48 months.
Your actual payment amount, intereste rate, APR, term and fees may vary depending on, among other things: your credit worthiness, the loan type and the loan amount.



Upgrade Your Thermostat

Improve the efficiency of your furnace and air conditioner with a Smart Thermostat that can automatically adjust according to the temperature in the house.

  • Current generation brand name smart thermostats
  • Thermostat control from your smartphone, computer, Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant
  • Great for multilevel, rental, or Airbnb properties
  • Modern look and feel
  • Integrates with other smart technology

Save an average of up to 10% on your heating and cooling costs.


Upgrade Your Doorbell
Smart Video Doorbells take the place of your current doorbell and connects to your home WiFi network and sends real-time notifications to your smartphone or tablet when someone is at your door.
  • Live HD video stream of porch (and person at the door)
  • Two-way audio communication available through the doorbell app
  • Alerts sent to you when someone presses the doorbell or when the doorbell detects motion
  • Check on the video stream through the app
  • Battery powered or hooked up to the home doorbell wiring

Feel safer with video of your porch and whoever is ringing your doorbell.


Upgrade Your Door Locks
Your smartphone is now your key. Lock and unlock your door, and keep track of who comes and goes–all from your iOS or Android smartphone.
  • Connects with devices like Siri, Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant so you can lock your door with a voice command
  • Virtual keys can grant access for a specified duration: weeks, hours, minutes, or specific dates and times
  • Delete guest access at any time
  • 24/7 activity log tracks everyone who enters and exits your home and logs the specific key code of the key used to open the door
  • Replaces only the interior side of your standard deadbolt, leaving the exterior exactly the same

Enjoy the convenience of locking and unlocking your door from anywhere in the world, and feel more secure wherever you go.


Upgrade Your Sprinkler Controls
WiFi sprinkler timers allow you to water smarter. Make watering decisions based on the ecological needs of your yard. Control the whole thing from your phone. Watering has evolved!
  • Detailed zone reports showing when and how long your sprinklers were on
  • Real-time updates allow you to see when your smart timer plans on watering next
  • Real-time monitoring through the mobile app gives you details on the sprinkler timer
  • Smart and manual scheduling lets you keep your sprinklers going at the best times for you; use smart scheduling, manual scheduling, a mix of both, and even watering restrictions to keep watering on your terms
  • Smart devices allow you to turn your system on and off remotely, making maintenance and repairs easier
  • The systeman access weather and soil data in your area for custom watering best for your garden

Save an average of up to 35% on your irrigation costs.


Upgrade Your Lighting
Transform your home with this one-of-a-kind in-home Bluetooth smart switch. It allows you to wirelessly schedule and control any hardwired light, appliance or fan in your home and features multiple scheduling options.
  • No HUB required for Bluetooth control
  • Wirelessly schedule and control permanently installed lighting from your smartphone or tablet
  • Flexible scheduling options: daily, weekly, sunrise, sunset and random vacation
  • Countdown feature turns lights off after set amount of time
  • Includes white and light almond paddles
  • Avi-on powered app is ready to connect to your Bluetooth devices
  • Requires iOS 7.0 or Android 4.4 or later
  • Bluetooth smart wireless mesh network provides coverage for your entire home by simply adding more Smart Controls
  • Each Smart control repeats the signal up to 100 feet

Save up to 5% on electricity compared to LED lights alone.


Upgrade Your Lightbulbs
Replace and install highly efficient and cost-effective LED light bulbs in your current lighting fixtures.
  • High-quality LED light bulbs
  • Up to 80% more efficient than incandescent light bulbs
  • Consistent lighting throughout the house
  • Up to 22-year life expectancy, no more burned out light bulbs
  • 5-Year manufacturer’s warranty (industry standard is 3 years)

Save an average of 15% on your power bill.

*e-commerce coming soon!

I was skeptical that simply changing light bulbs to LED’s and using a smart Thermostat would save as much money as I was told, but some savings is better than none, right? I just got my power bill and have found that last month (with LED’s and Smart Thermostat) compared to a year ago (without) I’m using 24.5% less energy!
John L. – Utah

Vibrant products are great! I love how easy the installation was for me and the family. They were in and out in no time, and everything has been working great in the months since it was installed.
Justin M. – Colorado

Vibrant installed a Nest thermostat for me a year ago. The Nest thermostat is my favorite. It is easy to change, and with internet service I can change the temperature from my phone. The thermostat knows when I am home or gone, and I have seen a savings in my gas bill.
RD S. – Utah

Man these guys are good. Borderline OCD with the detail and precision they put into their work. I came out looking like the hero to my wife in having them out here. I recommend them. Worth the money. Get them and you will be super satisfied.
Daniel M. – Utah

Vibrant installed LED light bulbs for me a year ago. The lights keep on giving by lowering my electricity costs, and they last a long time.
RD S. – Utah